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New York Times bestselling author and Military Correspondent Bob Drury is the author/coauthor/editor of nine books. He has written for numerous publications, including The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Men’s Journal and GQ.

Bob has been nominated for three National Magazine Awards and a Pulitzer Prize. He has reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Liberia, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, and Darfur among other sites. His books include the New York Times bestselling HALSEY'S TYPHOON, LAST MEN OUT and THE HEART OF EVERYTHING THAT IS. Bob's THE LAST STAND OF FOX COMPANY was the recipient of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation's 2010 General Wallace M. Greene Jr. Award for nonfiction.

He lives at the Jersey Shore. 

His latest book is "Valley Forge." The #1 New York Times bestselling authors of The Heart of Everything That Is return with one of the most inspiring—and underappreciated—chapters in American history: the story of the Continental Army’s six-month transformation in Valley Forge. Available at bookstores and Amazon.

Valley Forge - Drury

"Aiming to make “the familiar strange and the strange familiar,” Bob Drury, co-author of Valley Forge, shed light on one of the most significant, yet underappreciated, chapters in the story of America’s independence..." Read the story


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